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Today's sub-zero cook


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I woke up this morning to -46 degree wind chill!


Later that morning my wife says are you going to grill today, so that was all it took.  I had nothing else to do since work was called off because of the weather so I fired up the Akorn and put on some potatoes that she had sliced up, then threw on some boneless pork chops.






Then she said how about some pizza while you are at it:


Pizza #1 peppers and mushrooms




Pizza #2 hot and spicy sausage and pepperoni




Pizza #3 hot and spicy sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, and peppers




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Thanks guys

DerHusker yea 5 kids but only 3 live at home and 2 of them were at work.

5698k sorry to disappoint you but dough was a store bought package of 3 ultra thin crusts not sure of the brand name

John421 no it didn't freeze but you could tell it cooled a little in the 30 seconds it was out of the grill

Cgriller64 sorry the #3 was eaten but holding a side of chops & potatoes for you.and we can party when it is warmer

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Really!?!? Thats what I loved about the look! The really thin and crispy! Did they taste good?

Yes they were very good! I prefer a thicker crust but these were very good and I used my grill grates. I know Mama Mary's makes a ultra thin crust but that is not what these were can't remember the brand.

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