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Kamado Jo lump


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I like the kamado Jo lump and I must say it is one of the best I have used. Except for one thing

I have found foreign material in all the lump I have tried and they seem to be the same kind of rock or brick. But today I found the biggest piece inside the kamado Jo lump that I have come across

It is also 2 inches deep so at one time I believe it was a brick

I am not complaining about it cuz like I said I have found material in all the lump brands I have tried and this is only the first piece I have found in three bags so far I just have to remind myself to look before I throw on the fire


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Pieces of rock, cement and brick  pose no problems in the charcoal. The most I have ever found  pieces of rock or cement three or four times  and a piece of brick and a small piece of metal once. That's in over 25 years of using lump.  Most manufacturers fill their bags 2 > 5% over the posted bag weight, so even if you toss out a foreign piece of aggregate you're still ahead of the game. I produced my own lump for a while years ago and frankly got bored  and tired of it.  I burn on an average of 40 > 50 pounds a month so it's not even feasible for me to do, nor do I have the desire. That being said, it is nice to be able to produce it if necessary and it is easy to do.

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I'm sure it is part of a brick. My guess it is from either the side or the floor of the kiln. They go in them with big front end loaders to scoop out the carbonized wood, and some times will pick up some broken concrete or brick.

Thanks Andy, that really makes sense now that I think about it most of the foreign material I have found appeared to be the same rock (brick now that I know better)

Have you ever toured one of the processing plants?

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