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Fowl Weather Cook ( few weeks ago)

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Planned on a big cook on the offset to fill the freeze.

4 small butts & 4-6 racks of ribs on the offset.

I partially cook the meat to the temp I usually foil, pull off chill & freeze in foil & vacu-seal. I then finish on a gas grill when I want BBQ. Can't really taste the difference ;D

Well the weather changed ??? , 80% chance of rain this afternoon & an uncovered offset is a difficult cook in the rain!

Well my cheap-a!! Kamodo chugs right along in rain , wind & snow!

Got to be flexible , scaled back cook to 2 butts (5lb) & 3 racks ribs , coulda cooked all 4 but only defrosted 3.

Butts rubbed with homemade rub & ribs with Tim's FSB (BBQ) rub, with charcoal & 3 chunks oak.

I'll post pics of cook , but remember no pics after foiling.

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Nice. Do you take them up to 200°F and then chill them or just to 160°F? I have wanted to try this method for large party cooks but haven't been able to play around with the method.

I usually cook to about 160F , chill then Vac-Seal.

When reheating in foil I want some of the fat & juices left cause I mix in when I pull!

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