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Getting to Know Your Joe: Video Series

John Setzler

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Here's a complete tutorial on the basics of owning and using a Kamado Joe Grill!


1.  Unboxing and Assembly



2.  It Comes With All That?!



3.  Divide and Conquer Flexible Cooking System



4.  Lump Charcoal & Starting Your Fire



5.  Controlling Your Temperature



6.  Baking Basics (Pizza)



7.  Grilling Basics (Steaks)



8.  Smoking Basics (Boston Butt)



9.  Care and Maintenance



10.  Kamado Joe Accessories



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As usual great job John. Your videos make the whole process clear and accessible for some one who was never exposed to Kamado cooking.


EDIT---it is kind of wild to see videos of a brand new Joe--it kind of reminds me of the new never used enameled cast iron that Giada uses on her cooking shows.


I just had to mention that ---but it in no way takes away from the videos. It is your videos that convinced me to try Kamado cooking to begin with. I have always admired  the quality and clarity that are present in your videos.

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John a great series that covers just about every thing one would need to know. BTW I miss that sound of the KJ lump being dumped into the kamado. It is so dense that it  amost sounds like  chunks of glass as it is dropped and I love the mellow smell that it has as it burns.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello John,

I'am about to order my Kamado Joe. If i want the model with the "Divide and Conquer" included, what do i have to tell to the sellers ? Only that i want the 2014 model ?

Thx :)

I would call KJ home office and talk to the. They will give you the product number

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  • 3 months later...

Just received the Kamado Joe Classic (stand alone) today. I was a little surprised it came with the divide and conquer but had a single piece heat deflector. I thought the D & C included the half moon deflectors?? I saw they're only 16 bucks on Amazon, so I'll probably just pick them up with some othe accessories. I ordered a pizza stone as well but was told 6-8 weeks from BBQguys for the stone.

Exited to try it out, any first cook suggestions?

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