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    • By American Moriyama
      Hello All, My name is Clayton and I found this forum in an attempt to get better control of my vision grill. I have cooked on several grill types, Kenmore gas, Weber kettles, Brinkman bullet and I purchased a Vision Classic B kamado from Sam's last summer. The Vision has has allowed me to significantly improve my cooks; the smoke flavor, the juiciness are off the scale and I my family loves it.  This along with the Thermoworks thermometers has been great. I enjoy cooking poultry, ribs, pork butt, brisket & steaks. The reason I am here is that I have not been able to do a good overnight smoke at low temperatures without maintenance. I will discuss this in another post since this area is for introductions.  I look forward to exchanging ideas.

    • By Jkomodo
      Struggling with this one... I love using my Kamado for low & slow cooks however with two young kids I struggle to find the time.  I’m trying to determine the best approach for a “set it & forget it” option. I am looking to either purchase a temp controller such as an iKamand that I will have to figure out how to rig to my old school Kamado Co. or just bite the bullet and purchase a pellet smoker.  The way I see it, one of these controller’s is going to run me $250. Maybe I’m better off dropping another few hundred and getting a pellet set up considering the application will be primarily for low & slow smoking.   Any suggestions on the preferred option?  If you’re leaning towards the pellet smoker option, any recommendations?  My top 3 based solely on internet research is Rec Tec, Traeger and Grilla.  Thanks for your feedback! -J
    • By Smoque'n
      Has anyone seen this new themapen any input or opinions?
    • By INDYsmoke
      I just got an early xmas gift, a Maverick et-733 dual probe thermometer. I'm psyched and can't wait to use it. Up until now I've used a cheapo $5 digital instant read probe that I got at Wal-mart. We are having a pot luck at the office this week and I'm going to smoke a Boston butt for the event. Currently the temperature in central Indiana is hovering around 20 degrees. I have a question concerning the maverick transmitter and very low outdoor temps: Will the cold weather have a negative effect on it or cause any damage? I'm probably being overly cautious but I'm not wanting to ruin a brand new toy. Thanks for reading and I appreciate any input you have on this. 
    • By DAK
      Hi All
      I've been researching controllers for months to fit to my Big Joe.
      I want a wifi unit which limits me to Cyber Q, Rocks Stoker II or Flame Boss 200. In pulling the research together I think the best combo is the Flame Boss 200 with a BBQ Guru Pit Viper 10cfm fan.
      The Flame Boss in the forum unequivocally gets the thumbs up in terms of set up on Wifi (vs Stoker and Cyber Q) and variable speed fan but I'm worried about the 6cfm fan. I've tried a unit with a 6cfm fan and it struggled to get the Big Joe up to temp and certainly won't go too far over 275f. I therefore want to combine the Flame Boss 200 with the 10cfm Pit Viper fan.
      I've been told by one retailer of both brands that they combine well with the Pit Viper fan operating as a variable fan using the extra CFM but was wondering if anyone has any actual experience or views ?
      Thanks in advance.
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