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    • By Bill D
      I made an adaptor plate to attach the ThermoWorks Billows fan to my Blaze.
      i am using their Signals controller to control it. 
      So far, the billow fan worked well, however, the opening was too large and allows too much air to enter the cooker even when the fan is off... so I had to pinch the top vent way down (to only a 1/16’ or so) to keep temps in the 225-230 range.
      Does anyone else have an experience with this unit?

    • By Chap Swinson
      Brand new Smoke & Smoke Gateway in SC.  $100 for both.  The Smoke is red in color.  PM if interested.  Thanks!

    • By American Moriyama
      Hello All, My name is Clayton and I found this forum in an attempt to get better control of my vision grill. I have cooked on several grill types, Kenmore gas, Weber kettles, Brinkman bullet and I purchased a Vision Classic B kamado from Sam's last summer. The Vision has has allowed me to significantly improve my cooks; the smoke flavor, the juiciness are off the scale and I my family loves it.  This along with the Thermoworks thermometers has been great. I enjoy cooking poultry, ribs, pork butt, brisket & steaks. The reason I am here is that I have not been able to do a good overnight smoke at low temperatures without maintenance. I will discuss this in another post since this area is for introductions.  I look forward to exchanging ideas.

    • By Jkomodo
      Struggling with this one... I love using my Kamado for low & slow cooks however with two young kids I struggle to find the time.  I’m trying to determine the best approach for a “set it & forget it” option. I am looking to either purchase a temp controller such as an iKamand that I will have to figure out how to rig to my old school Kamado Co. or just bite the bullet and purchase a pellet smoker.  The way I see it, one of these controller’s is going to run me $250. Maybe I’m better off dropping another few hundred and getting a pellet set up considering the application will be primarily for low & slow smoking.   Any suggestions on the preferred option?  If you’re leaning towards the pellet smoker option, any recommendations?  My top 3 based solely on internet research is Rec Tec, Traeger and Grilla.  Thanks for your feedback! -J
    • By Smoque'n
      Has anyone seen this new themapen any input or opinions?
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