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I don't take out the screened bottom vent.. I just close the entire door over the right side of the adaptor and it works fine. 


A few things I've figured out to make life very easy with the BBQGuru's partyQ and digiQ...


1. I close the vent on the pit viper to 1/2 or 1/3 once I get to my desired temp.

2. Once I hit my desired temperature, I usually close the top vent a little more to prevent the heat from overshooting... I just let the pit viper do the work to maintain the temp for longer cooks

3. Sometimes the steam coming from the meat will affect the readings on the pit probe so be aware of where you put the probe - Don't let the probes touch the meat

4. My favourite spot to put the pit probe is just taking off the cayman clips and putting it through an opening in the top vent

5. My second favourite spot to put the pit probe is directly on the grate with a cayman clip

6. After I light the coals, I'll use the partyQ / digiQ and pit viper to help me get the grill up to the desired temperature right away

7. If i want the temperature of my grill to be 275, I will set the digiQ or partyQ to around 240 - 250 and once i hit that, I will work it slowly up to 275 to avoid overshooting

8. The probes are very durable and can withstand a lot of heat but be careful of the probe wires dropping too close to the open coals or they might malfunction

9. Make sure probes are clean :)


I love my digiQ and highly recommend it to everyone. It makes grilling very easy and fun. I also recommend learning how to cook without it first so you know how to control your grill temperature manually, just so you know you can. 

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I use mine on my Kamado Joes occasionally.  I like to bring my kamado up to temp manually rather than using the fan to do that.  It seems to work better.  I don't tweak the vent on the fan itself.  I let it stay fully open.  I do shut down the top vent most of the way and let the fan do the work.  If your top vent is open too much, the kamado will draft its own air from the bottom fan vent and the temp will climb.

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I've only used my new Party-Q three times so far on my Vision B, but so far it has been rock solid. It's like having a set-it-and-forget-it thermostat. 


I used a single starter cube to get my fire going with the vents full open, and then when I was approaching 200, I connected the Party-Q. I leave the screened bottom vent in with the solid vent pulled tight to the PQ adapter. All three of my cooks have been under 300, and for all of them, I've left the top vent at just under 1, at roughly 3/4 position. All three cooks were on very windy days with no issues. 


With this setup, I was able to hold any temp I wanted between 200 and 290. I actually spent part of one day just experimenting going up and down, and it worked beautifully. Of course, reducing the temp took a bit longer than an increase, but it did work. I've got about 20 hrs on one set of Costco Kirkland AA batteries, and the low battery indicator has not come on yet. (I will be switching to rechargeables at some point.)

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