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What Size Heat Deflector Are You Using?

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I have a Smokin Stone that I use mostly, but I also have a 16" pizza pan that I cooked my first turkey over and it seemed to work fine. I still use it for larger cooks where I am worried about pieces hanging over the edge of the deflector.

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I use a 15" cake pan on a Weber charcoal grate. I put an inch and a half of sand in the pan then cover the pan with foil, pressing it down in the pan. Clean up is a breeze. Just toss the foil and replace. Been doing this since I bought the Akorn about a year ago.

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I use a 16", custom cut untreated floor tile as the deflector.  I place it on one of those Weber grill grates. I had to custom cut the corners to have it fit.  For long items such as ribs and brisket, I use a long piece of foil and fold it over, then just bend in place on top the tile.  More than enough heat gets by on the sides that aren't covered.

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