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Akorn Questions

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 Have a couple of questions, I'm hoping someone can help with.

I'm getting ready to do a brisket on my Akorn and I'm thinking about trying the Ring of Fire.

Has anyone tried this with a brisket and if so how did it go?

Other question is where can I find the details of setting up the ring of fire?



Have a great day

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Gunny, are you having troubles with other methods, or just want to try something new?  


I've never used the ring of fire, but for long cooks I just fill it up and start my fire on the far corner (furthest away from the air vent) and it seems to work fine. 


I think the ring of fire is designed to keep too much lump from lighting all at once, but I think it's more a remnant of drafty smokers that have trouble controlling temps (ECB anyone?).  I just crank the vents down to keep it from overheating.


If you can keep a low and slow the way you're lighting it now, I wouldn't change. 

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Well I tried the Ring of Fire and used my new IQ120 for the first time. Had a problem with the temp, as it kept going to high and I'm not sure why. Had it set at 220 and it went up to 270. A real pain to get it back down to where I wanted it. Maybe I did not have the vents set right, hope that is all it is. Think the brisket is okay, will find out later after it sits in the wrap for a while.

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Never needed the "ring of fire" or any other alternate methods for running my Akorn.




I simply piled the lump in a volcano shaped pile....a nice full firebox.   I'd light just the tip for slow and low cooks and never.......ever.......let my rising grill temp overshoot my target cooking temps.  It'd run steady provided that I wasn't opening the lid.....just leave it closed and let the vents do their job.

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I found the more you fill the acorn with charcoal the better control you will have over temps .Do the volcano thing and as Dub said never let temp overshoot target temp. Using an electric heat gun to start fire also gives you more control as to how much fire you want to have and you can have your cooking temp. a lot quicker .I have an Auber control for my Acorn and really never use it anymore . More charcoal and heat gun was the answer for me .On Sunday did a 4.5 hour spare rib cook ,temp outside around 25 degrees and windy,held 225 degrees rock solid the whole time no Auber.

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