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Country style bone in ribs

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I was on the way home from work when I stopped at my local stop and shop where they had a special on country style ribs.  I've never done these on a kamado before so after a bit of reading I decided to cook them like baby backs and do a 2/2/.5 cook on them. I seasoned one set with honey and McCormick's steak seasoning and the other with Kirkland's sweet mesquite as I was pressed for time seeing as it was a work day. I fired up my vision kamado and she settled in right around 240. I did nearly 10 pounds of ribs and after they cooked I placed them in the refrigerator in foil pans. I work at night so I sleep in the afternoon. My wife heated them back up in a 250 degree oven for me while I got ready for work. I wrapped them tight in foil and put them in a cooler the same way I rest my butts. 3 hours later at work when It was time for lunch they were still hot enough to eat with out needing reheating. Unfortunately I only took a couple quick picks when they were on the kamado as after that I was pretty much half asleep. The ribs were a big hit at work and while I don't have a picture from them when we ate they had probably the best looking smoke ring I've ever gotten. The guy really enjoyed them and everyone including myself seemed to really like the combination of honey and the steak seasoning. I will definatley be trying that combo again on some other meats.


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