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Grillin' Canuck

Grillin' Canuck Chick Joins the Kamado Community

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Greetings Kamado Gurus!


After a colleague and friend, K-ville, acquired his Vision Classic B from Costco last year, my interest was peaked.  Around the office here in Ottawa, K-ville is known as 'The Guy' to talk to about all things smoked, grilled, BBQ'd, marinated, brined, etc, etc, etc.  Having had his new cooker for less than 72 hours, already he was thrilled and enthusiastic about his cooking future.


The next day, my husband, Nadir, found himself standing in front of the large piles of barbeques at Costco with me selling him on ALL of the amazing things I had heard from K-ville and read on the internet about Kamados being not only the barbeque, but a barbeque way of life!!!  (For the record, it really didn't take much convincing.)


We grabbed a flat bed trolley for the Vision Classic B, loaded the cadillac-sized Costco cart with charcoal and the rest... well, the rest was a smoke filled year of slow cooked pig parts and hunks of beef, perfectly peppered steaks and grilled veggies, herby roasted chickens and turkeys, wood-oven fired pizzas and more.


We are two wine lovin', beer drinkin', grillin', smokin', cottage goin', hikin' bikin', canoin', Canuck Yuppies in the Software biz and we both absolutely love to come home to our Kamado at the end of any day.  In true Canadian stylie we cook on it hot or cold, rain or snow or shine and have found that no matter what, the food ALWAYS comes out tasting delish! (Even, despite a few growing pains.)


We are so happy that we discovered this baby early in our careers and lives together and look forward to improving our recipes and ranting about the addition to our family for years to come!


Start your fire boxes and get your smoke on!  B)

Grillin' Canuck







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Haha Welcome! Love the pics! frozen shut? Ive never had that happen. was the felt wet?

haha. Yeah. It snowed, got warm, then got really cold, hence lots of moisture on the felt. At first we tried to fix it in -30C, but decided indoors was a better option. Now we cover it as soon as it's cooled.

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Oh Yea!


Welcome to the forum and I'm glad I don't have to defrost my gaskets before I can get my grill open!  It reminds me of a trip I made to Green Bay one time and they had to de-ice my rental car at the airport because the doors were frozen shut...  I hate cold weather!

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I have seen multiple reports of people opening both vents and placing a lit candle or starter cube under the firebox. After about 30 minutes problem solved.

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