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Persian Food and Gluten-Free


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I am gluten-free and adding a kamado to my cooking tools has been great. I have a gasser that has sat unused since we go the kamado and it has been used every month since we have owned it.


I have made delicious burgers, spatchcocked chickens, several pork roasts, pork butt, turkey breast, smoked chicken and pork sausages but not Persian foods. I have made bacon from fresh side, pastrami from packaged corned beef (too salty, need to re-do) and canadian bacon (a new favorite).


I was introduced to Persian food as being naturally gluten-free and I want to learn more about this.  Does anyone here have any experiences with Persian, Iranian or any other culture where wheat is not the dominant feature in food? 



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    • By pesto3
      Hi everyone, just wanted to share a little video I did. We love pizza at our house and this has become one of our favorites!  If you get the time please check it out. 
    • By pesto3
      My wife’s gluten intolerant and we have been playing around with pizza basses for a long time. Tonight was chicken thigh pizza base. Unbelievable!! 

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      My brother has been trying to go gluten-free, so I figured what better time than a KG challenge to find something he could eat that actually looked appetizing.  The base recipe for this dish came from http://www.cottercrunch.com/gluten-free-one-pot-bbq-cherry-pork-chops-quinoa/  
      Most of the gluten-free ingredients.

      Mixed the quinoa and bone broth, placed pork chops on top.

      Poured in the evoo, balsamic vineagar, bbq rub, cherry juice, bbq sauce, onion powder, granulated garlic, salt and pepper

      Covered, and out to old smokey  around 250-300 for an hour or so

      After an hour

      Flipped the chops and stirred the quinoa and cooked uncovered for about another 30-45 minutes at around 325-350.

      It turned out quite tasty, and it is a really easy gluten-free one pot meal.
      Plated with green beens

      Thanks for looking, ......now get to cooking.......
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      Hi guys,its been a long while since i posted on this website.I have kinda forgot about my vision grill over recent years and have been using my pellet and gas grill more often because of laziness, but this season i have decided to get as much use out of my kamado as possible. I recently went back home to Ireland and was reacquainted with one of my favorite post pub foods...the Chicken shish kebab from a persian place called zaytoon. The chicken shish is chicken marninaded in spices and yogurt and cooked over charcoal,served with salad,garlic sauce,chili sauce on what seems and tastes like a large naan bread.The naans are cooked in a large stone like oven and i thought the kamado would be a perfect substitute if i got the right recipe.Thanks in advance.
      ps here is a video of the recipe for the chicken marinade,this guy has got a lot of great videos for various middle eastern kebab recipes.
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      A gorgeous Sunday called for more pizzas and hot wings on the Akorn. My wife, being gluten-free for 15 years feels like she's making up for lost time by having restaurant quality pizza at home that doesn't remotely taste like some of the gluten free products do. 
      We followed the Gordon Ramsay recipe, same as always. Let the dough rest for an hour while I fired up the Akorn. I brought it up to 450 and threw the wings on for about 35 minutes. They came off gorgeous. Perfectly crispy. Tossed in Franks and set aside. 
      I put a foil pan of peeled garlic, EVOO and two dried chilies on the top rack and slid in my pizza stone. Again, I have never used a heat deflector and I get perfect pizzas every time. 
      I think this is partially due to the fact that we go thin crust and I put the toppings on top of the cheese. I see some on here put cheese on top and well, that's just wrong as it prevents the toppings from cooking. But, to each his own. 
      The garlic chilli oil really is a secret weapon. 
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      Artichoke and green olive 
      Artichoke, green olive, roasted red pepper and hot peppers
      Yes, we have beer, wine and cider on the table. It's Sunday  

      Oh, i have no idea why it rotates the pics like so. Anyone can help, please make a suggestion. 
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