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I love Chile Rellenos and I caught some Poblano peppers on sale so I decided to make them. (I never knew just how much work they are to make before today) So first I assemble the ingredients to make the Relleno sauce.


Next I roast them on the kamado.



I peel and seed the jalapeno as I have a guest that doesn’t like anything too hot.


And put them in my blender.



Next I assemble the ingredients to make the Chiles.


Now I lower the grate on my kamado and roast the peppers.




After roasting I place them in a plastic bag to steam for a while.


After 10 minutes I skin and seed them.




Now stuff them with Monterey Jack cheese.



Now dredge them in flour.


Separate the whites from the yolks. (One egg for every relleno)


Now beat the egg whites (and 1/8 tsp. Lemon juice for every egg white) with a mixer until stiff. Then add the gently beaten egg yolks and gently mix in.


Now out to my gas grill to cook them up. Heat approx. 1/2" of oil in your skillet. Now dip each relleno in the egg mixture and fry up.




I heated up some frijoles and Spanish rice and plated it up with some Queso Fresca and Tapatio hot sauce.




Muy Bueno! :-D

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Dang DerHusker, that meal and your superb documentation of the cook is nothing short of amazing. You could have called me before starting that cook and maybe I could have caught a red eye to your place to share in that bounty  :) Iv'e said it before and it's worth repeating, "you are a true artist, an artist of the culinary kind." I am sitting here at 6:30 a.m. and I'm salivating. Well done, Sir.

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Derhusker, have you ever considered moving to Canada? I can make it so that my neighbor sells his house to you for dirt cheap, then we can knock the fence down and I can setup a dining table next to your grill.. think about it.. I tip well!  lol Great cook! it's 8am here and I'm going to be obsessing about chile rellenos all day..

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DH another great cook and photo documentation. It is just like reading a magazine article.


I like that you do such a variety of cooks. If I were to post my cooks people would say when is he going to stop cooking chicken. Well actually this week it was salmon and beef satay .

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