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What is a standard ratio for SPG?

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Just wondering what the standard ratio is, I see it done so differently and just want a good place to start, I see granulated garlic specified more often that not and it’s  not clear to me if that has an advantage over garlic powder.

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My standard recipe that I pretty much use in everything for seasoning and as a straight rub on beef, is equal parts Kosher Salt, Coarse Black Pepper, Onion Powder and Garlic Powder.  When I make a batch I use a 1/3 cup of each since it fills a jar I have.  I'll give it a good shake each time just to make sure the contents are mixed around.


If you were to use table salt or fine black pepper the ratios would be off, at least for my tastes.  I think it would be similar to granulated garlic vs. powdered, you would have more or less depending on which you use, depends what you like I guess, particle size matters.

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That is an intriguing question.  I have spent a good bit of time figuring that one out for my personal taste.  What I DO know is that equal parts of each is not good for me.  In my own blend, salt is the primary ingredient with the black pepper ringing in at less than half of the salt (by weight) and granulated garlic falls in at an even lower amount than the pepper.


This is an easy problem to solve.  Put some salt in a container or mixing bowl and know how much you have (by weight.)  Start adding pepper to it (noting how much you added by weight) until you have a salt and pepper blend that you think is perfect.  Once that is established, add some granulated garlic and note how much if it you added as well.  


The blend that I prefer looks something like 1 part granulated garlic, 3 parts ground black pepper, and 10 parts diamond crystal kosher salt.   


Play around with it and find the recipe you like.


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Here's my ratio:


3 parts Kosher Salt

2 parts Coarse Black Pepper

1/2 part Garlic Powder

1/4 part Cayenne


You could up the Garlic and add Onion.  Don't mess with the Cayenne if you are trying to please everyone.  I was at 1/2 part Cayenne and I loved it.  Others, not so much.

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The garlic isn't an essential rub element for me but my preference is at least 1 to 1.5 to .5. The larger the cut, the greater that ratio goes in favor of coarse ground black pepper- a minimum of 2 to 1. Not opposed at all to the Cayenne as @Gebo suggested but also adding onion from time to time in the same ratio as the garlic. The cayenne is not at all noticeable on larger cuts and in the proper ratio even on smaller cuts. What is does is to 'wake up' the other spices. When I do utilize garlic or onion it is going to granulated. That is a must!

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My preferred ratio is:


1 part granulated garlic

2 parts black pepper

8 parts kosher salt


I spent a lot of time building this ratio by tasting it as I go.  There is no real standard ratio... make it to suit your tastes.


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Malcom Reed’s ratio for his AP rub is 4 parts salt, 2 parts garlic, 1 part pepper. I’ve used that ratio for years and it works great for my taste. As John says above, play with the mixture until you find the ratio you like best.

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As an aside, I’m not a spicy fan (as I age) but just a touch of cayenne ( a touch) does something magical to the SPG rub.  

Try it on a ribeye and don’t tell anyone what you did.  Ask them how they like it. Watch their reactions. It’s like you don’t know what you are tasting but you like it a lot.  Forrest Gump enunciation. 

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