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  • Posts

    • Thanks, will try cleaning.  Definitely pretty gunky up there.....
    • Could be 1 of 3 things, or a combination.   1. Dirt and grime build up in the tracks. 2. The tracks have been pinched and putting the damper in a bind 3. Corrosion I bet a good cleaning would fix your issue  
    • I had the same thing happen to mine.............means it getting put to good use!!!! When it is warm open and close the damper and wipe out all the grease and crud.
    • Have had my grill for about 4-5 years.  Always store it in my garage when not using it.  It might have seen rain twice.  For the last 3 years or so, the damper assembly is very hard to open when I'm prepping the grill to cook.  I end up tapping it with the grate lifter a few times and that frees it up, but it's annoying.  Wondering if anyone else has experienced this and can offer any suggestions to fix, or should I just order a new assembly?
    • I used the for years. Were recommended by ATK at one time. They work awesome until you hit something burned on and sticking up---then things unravel. Replacement heads are or were fairly reasonable.   If you want a nice compact as compared to some--the Broiler Tamer will probably last a life time. If the brush wears out then you can replace it. I paid $40 for mine. Now they are running high on some sites. The only disadvantage that i find is that it is a surface cleaner. If you want to get down around and between the bars then this will not do do it. But from just looking neither will the Texas Grill brush.   But at $10  delivered the three head twisted design to hold the stainless bristles looks very compelling. I note that there are quite a number of these designs on Amazon. They all look to do a better job of getting into the sides of the bars. I do note that the Quality United and Alpha Griller both get 95 and 97 % approval ratings with 4&5 star reviews combined. The Quality United also received 32 one star reviews and most of them were for bristles falling out or breaking off.  The Alpha Griller received eight complaints of bristles falling off. The Best got 99% combined and no bristle complaints with 372 reviews.
    • Anyone ever hear of the Royal Gourmet® Pro 6-Burner Gas Griddle GB6000? It looks like the Blackstone but has 6 burners instead of 4 and it is quite a bit longer at 44 inches giving a total of 860 square inches. A lot of other specs look similar. It's also better looking IMO, more in line with the Blackstone stainless model.   Any guys who have one or a griddle want to weigh in on the design choices?   I've been looking at the Blackstone or Camp Chef for a while but can't decide and now there is another contender :(
    • Well- with the Akorn you have a couple of options without altering your grill any or added expenses. Buy some very thick cut steaks (2") and set it up for low and slow. This allows you to get some wood smoke on a relatively short cook. Flip every few minutes until you are a little short of your desired doneness then remove the steaks, cover and open the bottom vent and lid. It should get raging hot in less than 10 minutes. Do not leave it unattended until you know how long this will take. On my kk it is about 5 minutes. Then sear the steaks over very high heat for just a minute or two per side. When removed from heat, let rest 5 minutes with a pat of compound butter.    Or if you get thinner steaks just do a medium high temp grill to desired doneness. If you can't tell, the first is my favorite method. 
    • Great looking buns@Bosco, topped with those burgers I can bet they were outstanding.