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    • Call me crazy for liking school cafeteria food, but I always loved this rolls. Probably the best thing that ever came out of a school kitchen. Ckreef hoping to make these... I hope he does.. Yours looks perfect. 
    • I have the book but haven't tried it yet as we prefer thin crusts. However, that picture....! I'm giving this a go soon and will be great to see a video from John about it too.
    • It takes a while to learn the vent positions for the most common temp ranges you will be aiming for. Also the big joe is a big piece of ceramic, it takes a long time (probably an hour) to totally heat soak the unit to the temperature you want so this means for the beginner it's tempting to open the vents more to get it climbing quicker but this often leads to an overshoot unless you keep a close eye on it. Once it's too hot it can be hard to cool it down due to the ceramic holding heat so well.  The best advice I can give is let your fire get fairly well established with the bottom vent and dome lid open for at least 15 minutes before putting in your deflectors or whatever you are using. Then close the lid and open the slider fully until you are 50f below where you want the temp to be. At this point I close the vents down to where I think they need to be (just based on experience) and keep an eye on it. Once I'm close to target temp I sometimes close to top vent a little more to make sure it doesn't overshoot. If it needs warming up then open the top a bit more.   Having said all that precise temps aren't really needed for low and slow style cooking you just need to adjust your method and timings if you get it a bit hot. As long as you are below 300f your cook won't run away with you but I prefer to be in the 250-275f range personally.
    • Good looking pizza.   
    • Great looking salmon cook. Nice entry.   
    • I'm looking to expand my BBQ pantry with a few more rubs to experiment with and was wondering what everyone's preferred rubs are for Brisket, Pulled Pork, Ribs and Chicken or if you have a fav that you use on everything Anyone have any good recommendations? I'm gonna try a few store bought rubs to get an idea of what I really like in a rub and then try and make my own blends up
    • I have a Behmor 1600 did the plus panel upgrade few years ago . Was still looking for more control and bought a Hottop 2K+ . Now have tons of control over roast and the ability to use the Artisan software and graph your roast for duplication is amazing .Best part is when you dump beans at end of roast and there is no carryover during cool down same principal as a commercial roaster . Only draw back with Hottop compared to Behmor is Hottop can only do a 300g roast and that is stretching it ,normally I do 250g or less . Behmor you can do a pound  . I roast in kitchen next to a window with a fan ,Hottop roasting can be pretty smokey . Have not bought roasted coffee in many years . Also brew my coffee with a Behmor Brazen Plus ,great control (temperature adjust ,pre-soak time etc.). Essentially does pour over without you nursing it .
    • Thanks for the advice! I appreciate it

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