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  1. bel4_20

    Spatchcocked Chicken

    More and more tempting @bosco! Hopefully soon I can have my hands on the 850!
  2. bel4_20

    Joined the Pellet Crowd!!

    Yours didn't come with?. well then.. So do you have covers for your timberlines?
  3. bel4_20

    Joined the Pellet Crowd!!

    Now now.. we know our Joes came with covers..lol
  4. bel4_20

    Joined the Pellet Crowd!!

    Perfect because im thinking of buying one in the next few months Sooner if there's a deal during xmas/boxing day. I Will stick with the 850 thought it looks like the sweet spot in my opinion.
  5. bel4_20

    Joined the Pellet Crowd!!

    Its great to hear that the cover is is top notch however for the price of the timberline that should be included.
  6. bel4_20

    Joined the Pellet Crowd!!

    Do the timberlines come with a cover? or is that a separate purchase ?
  7. bel4_20

    Grill Fried Hot Wings

    Now thats what im talking about!
  8. bel4_20

    Traeger chicken wings

    Perfection! they look really good!
  9. bel4_20

    iKamand Problems

    To be fair, there has been updates applied to fix the above issues. I believe there working on ironing out the bugs with the unit granted not quickly but there chomping away at the bit. Here is a link to the KJ website where they post the fixes and what they fixed. https://ikamand.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/36000034170-ikamand-and-app-update-history
  10. Good stuff right there!!
  11. bel4_20

    Flame Boss 400

    Sweet, As usual looking forward to hearing about!
  12. bel4_20

    Big Joe Pizza

    You just cant beat that!
  13. Yes we have spoken before! we are not to far from each other ...
  14. @bosco that's a killer burger right there!! I'm gonna have to start driving around with my nose out the car window so I can find your house!
  15. bel4_20

    Hello from Ontario!!

    Welcome fellow Ontarian!