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  1. bel4_20

    Wood Fired Oven Videos

    One day!, its on my to have list.
  2. bel4_20

    S’mores Baklava

    That just looks.. my god im sucker for sweets!
  3. bel4_20

    Bacon Apple Tenderloin

    Once again looks amazing @freddyjbbq!!
  4. bel4_20

    Tonight's Paella

    That's good stuff right there!
  5. Phenomenal! looks great
  6. bel4_20

    Kamander first low & slow

    Great colour on that pork! looks amazing
  7. bel4_20

    Blueberry French Toast Cassarole

    I have to admit Traeger has some really good recipes on there App/website. I love browsing for somthing to make!
  8. Great looking cook! my mouth is watering!
  9. bel4_20

    Super Bowl Wings (2019)!

    Great looking wings!
  10. bel4_20

    Blueberry French Toast Cassarole

    You gotta be kidding me! That looks fantastic! I bet it tasted as good as it looked!
  11. Excellent I will do that! yeah looked fragile that's why i asked. Thanks bosco!
  12. I see the interior tempreture probe in the 850 is in the top right hand part of the pit. Mine looks quite sooty?. How do you clean it,it looks a little fragile and i dont want to break it. Any step by step photos?
  13. bel4_20

    Super Bowl work party brisket

    Spot on @freddyjbbq as usual! Do you deliver to Canada?
  14. bel4_20

    Pork Belly on the Big Joe

    Lokks fantastic!