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  1. Good stuff right there!!
  2. bel4_20

    Flame Boss 400

    Sweet, As usual looking forward to hearing about!
  3. bel4_20

    Big Joe Pizza

    You just cant beat that!
  4. Yes we have spoken before! we are not to far from each other ...
  5. @bosco that's a killer burger right there!! I'm gonna have to start driving around with my nose out the car window so I can find your house!
  6. bel4_20

    Hello from Ontario!!

    Welcome fellow Ontarian!
  7. bel4_20

    Biscuits and Saysage Gravy

    Looks very rich! soo goood!
  8. bel4_20

    Grilled Sofrito Swordfish

    That's beautiful!
  9. bel4_20

    Pork Belly Burnt Ends Timberline 850

    @bosco Those look sooo good! I don't make them often there so rich! But very addictive!
  10. bel4_20

    Broil King Smoke Pellet XL

    No, no... $2500 CAD for the Traeger Timberline is steep!
  11. Out of curiosity, why are you using the Tip Top Temp and the Party Q at the same time?
  12. Looking good from here!
  13. bel4_20

    Cooked a whole pig on my XL

    Awesome stuff!