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  1. Awesome! and can you say there is a difference in taste between gas and wood?
  2. @John Setzler Just out of sheer curiosity. Why the Roccbox? You have a beautiful Pizza oven (Alpha?) and it looks like you were using propane as your heat source, is there a difference in taste between propane and wood oven pizzas. Yours turned out great from the box!
  3. Noted and saved! will try this this weekend!!
  4. The Alfa's are beautiful!! But if all goes well at the end of summer I think i want a pizza party oven I love that it can go from gas fired to wood.
  5. Love mac!! i just wish i could find the perfect recipe!!
  6. I like the pizza party for the fact that you can buy the gas version that also can do wood fired. Best of both worlds!
  7. Are we talking about the pizza party or the La Piazza's?
  8. Nothing is written in stone at the moment its more just kicking tires :( . I was eyeing the pizza party oven. Im getting through a couple more home Reno's and then when that's all said and done i can see what i can work with. There are a couple ovens i was also looking at besides the Pizza party from a local dealer La Piazza ovens .
  9. See thats another reason taste! I would be worried that gas just wont have the flavor
  10. That would be the best of both worls for sure!
  11. As I continue to do some reading up on pizza ovens for a near future purchase I see gas and wood fired ovens in my mind wood fired would be best but i see many using propane fired is there a clear choice here? or is it personal preference? or ?
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