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  1. You'd need another mortgage to get one that size!
  2. bel4_20

    Butter chicken and naan

    Looks fantastic! its actually a great idea to make it outdoors as it keeps the "curry" smell out of the house.
  3. bel4_20

    Big Joe question

    It absolutely does!
  4. bel4_20

    Custom Cedar Cart Table for Kamado Joe J.r

    Beautiful work! great craftsmanship!
  5. bel4_20

    RIP Anthony Bourdain

    He will be missed I was saddened by the news, I loved watching his shows the older shows were the best! RIP
  6. bel4_20


    You can do a search here, you'll see there are beta testers it will give you an idea on what its like!
  7. bel4_20

    Paella Time

    That's friggin amazing!
  8. bel4_20

    Just a Cheese Burger

    That's some fine grub right there!!
  9. bel4_20

    Pitmaster IQ IQ130

    Sorry @tbaby3333 i don't have a pic handy of that ill see what i have on my camera roll perhaps I have a pic wit it showing the tape.
  10. bel4_20

    Pitmaster IQ IQ130

    Not hard to hook up at all if you have some foil tape handy it helps seal up the vent and secure the fan plate more but its not necessary , as far as the temp clip goes ill clip it to the grill grate itself nearest the meat (but not too close) over the heat deflector of course.
  11. bel4_20

    Pitmaster IQ IQ130

    I have the IQ120 and honestly? I LOVE the pitmaster i love that its all contained into one heavy duty case it works flawlessly easy to use, if only it had WiFi it would be perfect and if they released a WiFi model id buy one in a heartbeat. It holds the temps solidly in all 3(different) of my Kamados. If your not interested in WiFi its totally recommended!
  12. bel4_20

    Big Steel Keg Forum

    Its back up for those whom are interested
  13. Has anyone used a temp controller (electric) on a Jr? reason I'm asking is i'd like to do a pork butt while I'm at the cottage this year and have some friends from the lake come by for dinner. but i don't want to babysit the Jr so i can spend more time fishing & swimming with the kids.
  14. bel4_20


    I also made @Rak73 's Gyro it was really good!
  15. bel4_20

    Updates on iKamand and KJ Table

    At this rate we are never going to see this stuff. Ill say it again too much hype WAY to soon!