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  1. That's a sight I can never get sick of! How are the PB comp blend pellets i just bought a bag from Costco but have yet to try them.
  2. That's a beautiful thing!
  3. No issues that's awesome! its only money right? Just like any hobbie @bosco Can't wait to hear about them!
  4. Try it let me know! a few good shakes of the bottle in the cream cheese as your mixing is perfect!
  5. Love making poppers my secret weapon? I add Worcestershire Sauce to my cream cheese mixture!
  6. Turned out really nice! bet they were delicious!
  7. 15 HRS on lamb shanks seems pretty long? did you have a temp probe in them to see what temp they were at? I think its 165 -180 internal temp for doneness
  8. Perfect comfort food looks great!
  9. Bosco did you do the wings right on the grill grate? (middle, top, bottom?) or in a pan with a rack?. Im gonna do you proud today i'm so making these!
  10. @bosco Those wings look really damn good! when you made the other batch pictured under the lemon pepper ones did you also flour dust them? I'm going to try this this weekend, i've been under the weather but dying to pull the timberline out to play! Love the fact that I can put your cook settings in the traeger app and let it take over!
  11. Damn that looked great! i can go for 3 or 4 slices of that!
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