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  1. I really like the stuff, smells so good it does tend to spark a lot when lighting but you get used to it.only thing better in my opinion is the Kamado Joe charcoal.
  2. Man that sure looks good! nice cook!
  3. Nicely done!
  4. Oh my God that would be soon good too! Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  5. Love! , love! love!! roasted garlic its so sweet so goood!! I love the way it mellows out. I toast some baguette on the grill drizzle olive oil and some sea salt and spread the garlic while the the bread is still warm so good!!
  6. Sounds great! i will have to give this a go! sounds easy enough too!
  7. Same here and i've been going to the Ancaster store for ever. Also the Burlington store does not have it either I look all the time. Not even pork butt.
  8. What a beauty!
  9. Can't wait! i've been waiting quite some time. you know what they say... Good things come to those who wait!
  10. oh Yeah Rak...she's a beaut!
  11. Hamilton here !
  12. Well that's it, i always see at the end of my cooks the middle of the pile burns down and outwards I never see it burn outwards at the top of the plie? so i figured as it burns down it will take the wood chunks with it.
  13. WOW thanks for the replies guys! lots of great info! like I said i'm not new to all of this but you can always learn something! I appreciate everyone's response!!
  14. Ok although i'm not new to the scene I somehow feel like i'm missing something when setting up my Kamado for a low & slow cook. I was curious to see how others set up. I place wood from the bottom grate to the top covering with lump in between pieces, then I light the middle of the pile, place stone and grates in wait for temp to get up and immediately place food in the kamado. My reason is so that i don't miss out on the smoke. Am I doing it wrong? My food always turns out great i just feel i'm missing something or not setting it up right.
  15. Just checked it does ship to Canada My total was $286.07USD grand total of $382.92CAD shipped... killer!