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  1. Nothing is written in stone at the moment its more just kicking tires :( . I was eyeing the pizza party oven. Im getting through a couple more home Reno's and then when that's all said and done i can see what i can work with. There are a couple ovens i was also looking at besides the Pizza party from a local dealer La Piazza ovens .
  2. See thats another reason taste! I would be worried that gas just wont have the flavor
  3. That would be the best of both worls for sure!
  4. As I continue to do some reading up on pizza ovens for a near future purchase I see gas and wood fired ovens in my mind wood fired would be best but i see many using propane fired is there a clear choice here? or is it personal preference? or ?
  5. Gotta admit that looked pretty darn good!
  6. Very interesting John, i've been a fat cap up kinda guy for the reasons you've stated but you brought up some great points about FCD my next cook will be FCD for sure!
  7. That's a sight I can never get sick of! How are the PB comp blend pellets i just bought a bag from Costco but have yet to try them.
  8. That's a beautiful thing!
  9. No issues that's awesome! its only money right? Just like any hobbie @bosco Can't wait to hear about them!
  10. Try it let me know! a few good shakes of the bottle in the cream cheese as your mixing is perfect!
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