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  1. I cannot agree more lamb on the joetisserie is a game changer! i've done both boneless leg and bone in as well! tastes so good!
  2. Now thats dinner! looks really good!
  3. bel4_20

    Been a bit....

    That is amazing @bosco I love seeing this from one standpoint being a former Mechanic and also being in my mid forties i've unfortunately lost both my parents within the last 4 years so this hits home spend as much time as you can because a blink of the eyes and there gone. I wish I had more time with them. Love the VW love the colour! looking forward to seeing it finished!
  4. @freddyjbbq your killing me! on the ooni site it says they are insulated, the new Karu is another option. I trust you and everyone else here who has posted as I have 0 experience with these type of cookers whichever one I decide on I will buy the gas burner with it at least i'll still get to play around with the wood option but have to convenience of propane when we host at our house. I'm still looking around and reading up and asking questions online hopefully by spring i'll have my mind made up which i will choose.
  5. Pizza on the go! literally!
  6. Thanks for the info guys! a bigger oven would be awesome. I really have it in my head that I want to use wood just as if I had a full size unit I love the idea and authenticity of that! will one cook better than the other using wood? (Pro vs Karu) Thanks for that! its much appreciated.
  7. Thanks for that! its much appreciated. If the Pro was similarly priced perhaps bit more would you consider it over the Karu?
  8. I'm currently looking into buying a small (or portable) pizza oven. I'm looking at the Ooni Pro or the new Ooni Karu. I'm looking for opinions from you guys whom may own/ed one of these ovens. I'm open to any other suggestions in and around that price range as well. TIA
  9. Awesome! and can you say there is a difference in taste between gas and wood?
  10. @John Setzler Just out of sheer curiosity. Why the Roccbox? You have a beautiful Pizza oven (Alpha?) and it looks like you were using propane as your heat source, is there a difference in taste between propane and wood oven pizzas. Yours turned out great from the box!
  11. Noted and saved! will try this this weekend!!
  12. The Alfa's are beautiful!! But if all goes well at the end of summer I think i want a pizza party oven I love that it can go from gas fired to wood.
  13. Love mac!! i just wish i could find the perfect recipe!!
  14. I like the pizza party for the fact that you can buy the gas version that also can do wood fired. Best of both worlds!
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